The Section of Antitrust Law Exemptions and Immunities
Committee is pleased to present this third edition of the State Action
Practice Manual. This publication attempts to examine all aspects of the
state action doctrine. Chapter I describes the scope of the doctrine.
Chapter II reviews the development of the doctrine, concentrating
principally on Supreme Court decisions. Chapter III discusses the policy
rationales underlying the doctrine.
Chapter IV sets out the general application of the state action
doctrine, focusing on the “clear articulation and active supervision
requirements for state action protection. Chapter V addresses industry-
specific issues and case law in the areas of health care, energy,
transportation, and regulated professionals. Chapter VI explores several
recurring policy issues raised by the doctrine.
Chapter VII discusses pleading and procedural issues, including
pleading strategy and the possibility of an interlocutory appeal following
a denial of a preliminary motion on state action grounds. Finally,
Chapter VIII considers the role of discovery and expert testimony in
cases applying the state action doctrine.
The Committee thanks Vittorio Cottafavi and Erica S. Weisgerber,
who expertly edited the second edition of this book and led the revision
project. The Committee also gratefully thanks Jeremy Cline, Gregory
Garrett, Michael Gleason, Chris Ford, Ashley Howlett, Stephen
Medlock, Meytal McCoy, Don Scaramastra, Erin Shencopp, Lee Van
Voorhis, and Caleb Wolanek, who drafted the updated and new chapters
of this book, and Abraham Chang, who assisted with the editing process.
The Committee would like to acknowledge the important guidance and
comments provided by the Section’s Books and Treatises Committee, in
particular Leo Caseria.

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