The American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law is pleased to
publish this third edition of its State Action Practice Manual. Like the
second edition, published in 2010, this third edition of the Manual
continues to be the most comprehensive published source of information
and guidance concerning the state action doctrine.
In eight chapters, the Manual covers the historical development and
theoretical underpinnings of the state action doctrine, its variations in
different industries, successful and unsuccessful uses in litigation, and
many practical considerations that arise in the application of the doctrine.
This edition has been systematically updated to incorporate recent
developments, most notably the Supreme Court’s decisi ons in FTC v.
Phoebe Putney and North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. FTC,
as well as lower court decisions interpreting those landmark cases.
This edition of the Manual was prepared by a team of authors and
reviewers headed by Vittorio Cottafavi, a Vice-Chair of the Section’s
Exemptions and Immunities Committee, and Erica S. Weisgerber, the
Young Lawyer Representative on the Civil Practice and Procedure
Committee. The Section appreciates the extensive time and effort that
went into preparing this book, which we believe will continue to serve as
a valuable resource for antitrust practitioners.
January 2017 William MacLeod
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law
American Bar Association

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