The energy sectorelectricity, natural gas, and petroleumface
myriad regulatory and antitrust issues. The Energy Antitrust Handbook is
designed to provide an in-depth review of these regulatory and antitrust
Chapters 1 and 2 of the Handbook provide background about the
electric power, natural gas, and petroleum industries and energy trading
and regulatory framework that applies to these industries within the
energy sector. Chapters 3 t hrough 7 then provide an overview of the
application of the antitrust laws within these industries. The last chapter,
Chapter 8, extends beyond the antitrust laws, providing an update on the
application of market manipulation laws, and how they intersect with the
enforcement of the antitrust laws. Where possible, the book identifies
emerging issues which will shape future law and regulations.
The Handbook is the product of many dedicated lawyers. Karen
Kazmerzak coordinated the editing and drafting of this book. The
following practitioners worked under her leadership to draft it:
Kimberley Biagioli
Mark Hegedus
Paul Brown
Jeff Oliver
Vadim Brusser
Laura Onken
Alicia Burns-Wright
John Seward
Mika Clark
Bill Stallings
Melinda Coolidge
Justin Stewart-Teitelbaum
Jade Eaton
Billy Vigdor
Robert Friedman

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