The Unilateral Conduct Committee is pleased to present this Second
Edition of the Monopolization and Dominance Handbook.
Monopolization and abuse of dominance issues are increasingly at the
forefront of competition law enforcement discussions throughout the
world. Since the initial release of the Handbook in 2011, the outer bounds
of monopolization law have been refined through a larger body of case law
in the United States. Similarly, in jurisdictions outside the United States,
monopolization or abuse of dominance enforcement has been active as
well. The Second Edition provides an updated overview of
monopolization law in the United States. It also contains illustrative
comparative discussions of the approaches to dominance issues in other
jurisdictions, which highlight the complexities that can be involved in
practicing in this area.
The Second Edition is the result of the hard work and contributions of
many. The Committee is particularly indebted to Justin Hedge and
Dominic Vote, the project chairs, for their outstanding efforts. We also
thank the lead chapter authors and editors James Abell, Logan Breed,
Derek Moore, Jeffery Prisbrey, Joshua Soven, Howard Ullman, and
Daniel Weick, as well as W. Michael Osborne, Dylan Young, Jamie Long,
Tanya Freeman and Saman Adikari for their assistance with the

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