Published date19 May 2009
Date19 May 2009
AuthorJohn B. Kirkwood,Richard O. Zerbe
We are delighted to publish the papers from the symposium on social justice
sponsored by the Center on Corporations, Law & Society of the Seattle
University Law School. These papers address an impressive array of
business and social issues and provide a penetrating assessment of whether
existing legal doctrines and approaches promote social justice. True to the
theme of this series, the authors frequently utilize economic analysis,
but they also point out where they think it does not apply or needs to
incorporate new developments. The exceptional quality of this volume
reflects the distinguished credentials of the authors, the extraordinary efforts
of the Special Editor, Dana Gold, the former director of the Center, and the
support of the Dean of Seattle University Law School, Kellye Testy.
John B. Kirkwood
Richard O. Zerbe
Series Editors

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