List of contributors

Published date19 May 2009
Date19 May 2009
William W. Bratton Georgetown University Law Center, USA
Naomi Cahn George Washington University Law
School, USA
Devon W. Carbado University of California Los Angeles
School of Law, USA
June Carbone University of Missouri-Kansas City
School of Law, USA
Claire Moore Dickerson Tulane University Law School, USA
Kent Greenfield Boston College Law School, USA
Daniel J. H. Greenwood Hofstra University School of Law, USA
Mitu Gulati Duke University School of Law, USA
Thomas W. Joo University of California, Davis, School of
Law, USA
Robin Paul Malloy Syracuse University College of Law, USA
David Millon Washington & Lee University School of
Law, USA
Cheryl L. Wade St. John’s University School of Law, USA

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