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Today's content has become highly visual and, in most instances, delivered in an "on-the-go" format. Legal marketers who are looking for a bit of inspiration for how to package and deliver their message in order to meet the needs of the audience should check out these resources.

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Podcasts have only gotten hotter in recent years, with PR and content marketing high on the list of topics. Next time you are looking for a dose of audio inspiration, here are a few spots to check out:

* The LMA Podcast: Focused on hot topics in legal marketing, from alternative fee arrangements to data and metrics, new episodes of the LMA Podcast are released on a regular basis at

* If you're looking for broader legal industry perspectives, the Legal Talk Network features legal-related podcasts covering marketing, technology, in-house counsel issues and more. For an overview of all the network's offerings, go to

* For a wider scope on content marketing across various industries, check out the "This Old Marketing" podcast. Their spin is that while content marketing is seen as a new area, telling stories to develop your business is actually "old" marketing. Find weekly episodes at

Mastering Content Strategy

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