Nassar, Jamal R. Globalization and Terror: The Migration of Dreams and Nightmares.

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Nassar, Jamal R. Globalization and Terror." The Migration of Dreams and Nightmares. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2005. Paper $22.95.

The book deals with one of the most critical topics of our time. The author dissects globalization through the concepts of interdependence, liberalization, universalization, westernization, and capitalism. He shows the relationship of globalization to violence and advances a coherent definition of terrorism (that includes actions by governments) based on material reality. Terrorism is perceived "in a complex political context" (p. 18). Central to the theme is the thesis of "the migration of dreams" as a consequence of cultural and technological globalization and "the migration of nightmares" as a consequence of global violence and terrorism. Here, violence is understood in broad terms: colonialism, transnational corporate exploitation, and the US imperial project are all faces of violence and terror.

The author looks at the root causes of terror and considers that globalization has increased the gap between rich and poor, which, in turn, has enhanced the prospects of violent responses. State-sponsored terrorism also has enhanced those prospects.

The case of Palestine demonstrates the relationship between globalization and terrorism. The book discusses both Israeli and Palestinian violence and points out signs of hope...

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