Legal marketing: past, present and future.

Author:Lilley, Tricia M.
Position:EDITORS' NOTE - Editorial

When we set out to put this issue of Strategies together, our intent was to examine best practices and awards in the legal marketing profession. And while that thread is certainly present throughout this issue, we found ourselves focusing more on how far we have come as a profession and where we are headed as an industry.

On the pages that follow, you'll encounter the past, present and future. We will look back at examples of work that set the standard in years past; we take a look at this year's Rising Star and inductees into the LMA Hall of Fame and the Your Honor Awards (YHA) winners. We also reveal emerging trends that will lead us into the future.

Recipients of Your Honor Awards have always set the benchmark for best in class legal marketing initiatives and leadership around the globe. This year's competition didn't disappoint with the submission of many examples of creative and thoughtful work. This collection of work embodies both the classical and the cutting edge. It shows a strong focus on the next generation of decision makers and rainmakers, addressing the needs of Millennials, and leveraging data and technology in ways that help firms differentiate in the marketplace.

One YHA...

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