Key questions for your expanding oversight.

Author:Kristie, James

From The Strategic Leader's Roadmap by Harbir Singh and Michael Useem. Copyright [C]2016 by the authors. Published by Wharton Digital Press (

Top management is the main driver of a firm's strategy and leadership, but there are two other high-stakes players--the firm's directors and its investors. The rising salience of strategic leadership can be seen in the expanding role of company directors exercising strategic leadership over the enterprise and in the growing power of investors demanding effective strategy and leadership from the enterprise.

Like managers, company directors and investors must learn to answer the key questions for integrating strategy and leadership to perform their own expanded oversight function.

  1. Do company executives and directors have a compelling strategy for creating value and increasing advantage?

  2. Are company executives and directors capable of thinking and acting strategically?

  3. Is the firm's organization capable of executing its strategy?

  4. Do all executives and directors add value to the company's strategy and leadership?

In this book we...

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