Jury Selection and Voir Dire

AuthorMark G. Daniel/Robert K. Gill
Chapter 14
Jury Selection and Voir Dire
Table of Contents
§14:10 Composition of Venire
§14:11 Statutory Law
§14:12 In General
§14:13 Challenges to Array
§14:13.1 Form: Sample Motion/Challenge to Array
§14:14 Writs of Attachment
§14:14.1 Form: Motion for Attachment of Absent Jurors
§14:15 Juror Exemptions
§14:16 Additional Veniremembers
§14:17 Number of Jurors
§14:18 Alternate Jurors
§14:19 Disabled Jurors
§14:19.1 Sufficient Disability to Be Excused
§14:19.2 Insufficient Disability to Be Excused
§14:20 Juror Qualifications
§14:21 Preliminary Testing of Qualifications
§14:30 Juror Disqualifications
§14:31 What Constitutes Absolute Disqualification
§14:31.1 Theft Convictions
§14:31.2 Pending Theft Cases
§14:31.3 Felony Convictions
§14:31.4 Pending Felony Cases
§14:31.5 Insanity
§14:32 Disqualified Jurors
§14:33 Reversals Due to Disqualified Jurors
§14:40 Jury Shuffles
§14:41 In General
§14:42 Timing of Motion
§14:43 Opportunity to View Venire
T C L’ H 14-2
§14:44 Opportunity to View Jury Questionnaires
§14:45 Appellate Review
§14:46 Form: Sample Motion to Shuffle Venire
§14:50 Voir Dire Subject Matter
§14:51 Statutory Law
§14:52 In General
§14:52.1 Form: Sample Juror Questionnaire
§14:52.2 Form: Motion to Submit Jury Questionnaire
§14:53 Particular Inquiries Allowed
§14:53.1 Explanations of Law
§14:53.1.1 Misstatements of Law
§14:53.2 Punishment Inquiries
§14:53.3 Inquiries on Status of Victim or Witness
§14:53.4 Inquiries Into Status and Attitudes of Veniremembers
§14:53.5 Inquiries Based on Situational Status of Witness
§14:54 Means of Making Inquiry
§14:54.1 Type of Question Permitted
§14:55 Mechanics of Voir Dire
§14:56 Preserving Error
§14:56.1 Preserving Error Where Proper Inquiry Disallowed
§14:56.2 Preserving Error for Improper Inquiry by State
§14:57 Restrictions on Voir Dire
§14:57.1 In General
§14:57.2 Permissible Voir Dire Restrictions
§14:57.2.1 Questions and Areas Subject to Restriction
§14: Confusing, Repetitious, Broad and Vague
§14: Commitment Questions
§14: Improper Commit ment Questions
§14: Proper Commitment Questions
§14: Non-Commitment Questions
§14: Questions in Improper Form
§14: Preserving Error of Improper Question by State
§14:57.2.2 Subject Matter That May Be Restricted
§14: Inquiries on Incorrect Law
§14: Definitions of Legally Undefined Terms
§14: Factual Matters
§14:57.3 Time Restrictions
§14:57.3.1 In General
§14:57.3.2 Relevant Factors
§14:57.3.3 Preserving Error for Improper Time Restriction
§14:57.3.4 Form for Additional Time
14-3 J S  V D
§14:60 Challenges for Cause
§14:61 Statutory Law
§14:62 In General
§14:63 Basis for Challenges for Cause
§14:64 Bias or Prejudice as Matter of Law
§14:64.1 Bias and Prejudice Defined
§14:64.2 Bias and Prejudice Established
§14:64.3 Bias and Prejudice Not Established
§14:65 Substantial Impairment Test
§14:66 Vacillating Veniremember
§14:67 Predicate for Challenge for Cause
§14:68 Areas of Proper Challenge for Cause
§14:68.1 Challenges for Cause by State or Defendant
§14:68.1.1 Bias Against Class of Witnesses
§14:68.1.2 Failure to Consider Punishment Range
§14:68.1.3 Relationship With Party or Witness
§14:68.2 Challenges for Cause by Defendant
§14:68.2.1 Preservation of Error for Denial of Defense Challenges for
§14:68.3 Challenges for Cause by State
§14:68.3.1 Challenges Where Beyond Reasonable Doubt Not Enough
§14:68.3.2 Preserving Error for Erroneous Granting of State’s Challenge
for Cause
§14:70 Sua Sponte Excusals
§14:71 Applicable Statute
§14:72 In General
§14:73 Permissible Reasons for Sua Sponte Excusal
§14:74 Timing of Sua Sponte Excusal
§14:75 Preserving Error for Sua Sponte Excusal
§14:80 Trial Court Questioning of Venire
§14:81 Comments by Trial Court in Front of Venire
§14:81.1 In General
§14:81.2 Comments That Are Not Error
§14:81.3 Comments That Are Error
§14:81.4 Complaints About Court’s Questions or Comments
§14:90 Use of Information From Veniremembers
§14:91 Material Information
§14:92 Defendant’s Burden
§14:93 Personal Information About Jurors and Juror Privacy Considerations

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