AuthorMark G. Daniel/Robert K. Gill
Chapter 1
Table of Contents
§1:10 What Is an Arrest
§1:20 Warrantless Arrests
§1:21 Probable Cause Requirement
§1:21.1 Establishing Probable Cause
§1:21.2 Temporary Detentions Based on Reasonable Suspicion
§1:21.3 Exclusionary Rule
§1:30 Authority for Warrantless Arrests
§1:31 CCP Art. 14.01. Offense Within View
§1:31.1 Warrantless Arrests by Peace Officers
§1:31.2 Who Is a Peace Officer
§1:31.2.1 Statutory Law
§1:31.2.2 Case Law
§1:31.3 Warrantless Arrests by Private Citizens
§1:31.4 Acts Constituting a Breach of Peace
§1:31.5 Acts Not Constituting Breach of Peace
§1:32 CCP Art. 14.02. Within View of Magistrate
§1:33 CCP Art. 14.03. Authority of Peace Officers
§1:33.1 Suspect’s Commission of Offense
§1:33.2 Suspect Found in Suspicious Place
§1:33.2.1 Places Found to Be Suspicious
§1:33.2.2 Places Found Not to Be Suspicious
§1:33.3 Assaults and Threats of Future Violence
§1:33.4 Authority of Peace Officers
§1:34 CCP Art. 14.04. When Felony Has Been Committed
§1:34.1 Credibility of Information
§1:34.2 Escape of Suspect
§1:34.3 Insufficient Time to Procure Warrant
§1:34.4 Satisfactory Proof of Escape
§1:35 Preventing Consequences of Theft Under CCP Art. 18.16
§1:36 Rights of Police Officers Making Warrantless Arrests
§1:36.1 Fresh (“Hot”) Pursuit
T C L’ H 1-2
§1:40 Pretext Arrests
§1:50 Sources of Probable Cause
§1:51 Information Gained From Victims
§1:52 Information Gained From Ordinary Citizens
§1:53 Information Gained From Police Officers
§1:54 Information Gained From Informers
§1:55 Information Gained From Anonymous Tips
§1:60 Suppressing Warrantless Arrest
§1:61 Art. 38.23 Jury Charge
§1:70 Arrests Under Warrant
§1:71 What Is an Arrest Warrant
§1:72 What an Arrest Warrant Requires
§1:72.1 Probable Cause Requirement
§1:72.2 Accusation of Criminal Conduct
§1:72.3 Signing by a Magistrate
§1:73 Who May Issue Arrest Warrants
§1:74 Suppressing Arrest
§1:75 Suppressing Arrest Warrant
§1:75.1 Objections to Arrest Warrant
§1:75.2 Going Behind Affidavit and Warrant
§1:75.3 Article 38.23 Jury Charge
§1:76 Making Arrest

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