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Published date01 June 2015
Date01 June 2015
Health Literacy and Medical Policy Advocacy Arnauld Nicogossian, Bonnie Stabile,
Otmar Kloiber, Thomas Zimmerman, and Charles R. Doarn 99
Rwanda’s Potential to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals for
Health Pamela Abbott, Roger Sapsford, and John Rwirahira 101
Impact of Closure of a Safety Net HIV Case Management Agency Nidhi Khosla,
Caitlin Kennedy, Peter Winch, Carl Latkin, and Jill Marsteller 121
Are High Cost-Sharing Policies for Physician Care Associated With Reduced
Care Utilization and Costs Differently by Health Status? Haichang Xin and
Jeffrey S. Harman 137
Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act Ballot Initiative for Cost of
Living Adjustment Y. Tony Yang 152
Book Reviews 157
World Medical & Health Policy
Volume 7 Number 2 June 2015
An International Journal of Public Policy

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