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Published date01 September 2015
Date01 September 2015
WMHP Special Issue: Global Food Security and Health
Food Safety and Security Arnauld Nicogossian, Bonnie Stabile, Otmar Kloiber,
Thomas Zimmerman, and Edward Septimus 169
Food Security as Basic Goods Provision Kenneth A. Reinert 171
The Role of Vegetables and Legumes in Assuring Food, Nutrition, and
Income Security for Vulnerable Groups in Sub-Saharan Africa Chris Ojiewo,
Dyno J. D. H. Keatinge, Jaqueline Hughes, Abdou Tenkouano, Ramakrishnan Nair,
Rajeev Varshney, Moses Siambi, Emmanuel Monyo, NVPR Ganga-Rao, and Said Silim 187
Breaking the Links Between Conf‌l ict and Hunger Redux Ellen Messer
and Marc J. Cohen 211
Household Food Insecurity Is Associated With Heterogeneous Patterns of
Diet Quality Across Urban and Rural Regions of Malawi Andrew D. Jones 234
Food Security, Obesity, and the Politics of Resource Strain in Kuwait
Deborah L. Wheeler 255
Obesity, International Food and Beverage Industries, and Self-Regulation:
The Fragmentation of Information Strategies Jørgen Dejgård Jensen and Karsten Ronit 278
The Elusive Goal of Eliminating Global Hunger: Progress and Challenge—
Opening Remarks for the Summit on Global Food Security and Health at
George Mason University’s School of Policy, Government and International Affairs,
October 16th, 2014 Phil Thomas 298
Book Reviews 300
World Medical & Health Policy
Volume 7 Number 3 September 2015
An International Journal of Public Policy

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