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Published date01 March 2018
Date01 March 2018
A World Medical & Health Policy Milestone and Global Health
Outlook for 2018 Arnauld Nicogossian, Bonnie Stabile, Otmar Kloiber, and Ed Septimus 4
Original Articles
Examining Joint Effects of Air Pollution Exposure and Social Determinants
of Health in Def‌i ning “At-Risk” Populations Under the Clean Air Act:
Susceptibility of Pregnant Women to Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
Patricia D. Koman, Kelly A. Hogan, Natalie Sampson, Rebecca Mandell, Chris M. Coombe,
Myra M. Tetteh, Yolanda R. Hill-Ashford, Donele Wilkins, Marya G. Zlatnik,
Rita Loch-Caruso, Amy J. Schulz, and Tracey J. Woodruff 7
The Social Stigma of Selling Kidneys in Iran as a Barrier to Entry:
A Social Determinant of Health Mohammad Mehdi Nayebpour and Naoru Koizumi 55
Scope and Limitations of Municipal Health Councils: A Case Study
Carla A. A. Ventura, Mauro Serapioni, Marcela J. Miwa, and Márjore S. Jorge 65
What Makes Super-Aged Nations Happier? Exploring Critical Factors
of Happiness Among Middle-Aged Men and Women in Japan Yoko Moriyama,
Nanako Tamiya, Nobuyuki Kawachi, and Maya Miyairi 83
Integrating Spatial Analysis into Policy Formulation: A Case Study Examining
Traff‌i c Exposure and Asthma Marsil Zook, Dennis Wollersheim, Bircan Erbas, and
Kathryn H. Jacobsen 99
A Design Thinking Mindset Beyond the Public Health Model Kee Chan 111
Book Review 120
World Medical & Health Policy
Volume 10 Number 1 March 2018
An International Journal of Public Policy

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