Investing in war and peace.

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Value of global arms deliveries, 2007 $30.9 billion Deliveries from the United States $12.8 billion From Russia $4.7 billion From the United Kingdom $2.6 billion From France $2.1 billion From China $1.4 billion Value of global arms agreements, 2007 $60.0 billion Agreements signed by the United States $24.9 billion By Russia $10.4 billion By the United Kingdom $9.8 billion By China $3.8 billion By France $1.8 billion Percent share of global arms deliveries going to 71 developing countries, 2007 Percent share to developing countries from China 100 From the United Kingdom 100 From Russia 93 From France 83 From the United States 49 Value of arms agreements with Saudi Arabia (ranked $10.6 billion first among developing-country...

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