AuthorGregory M Stein - Michael D Goodwin - Morton P Fisher Jr
§ 1.01 Bridging the Gap between Law School
and Real Estate Practice
You have filled out your employment forms and your W-4 and
received a quick tour of the office. You know where the copier, the
coffee machine, and the restrooms are. The office manager has just
introduced you to your assistant and walked you into your nearly
empty office. You log onto your computer, and the first e-mail you
notice is from the assigning partner in your department: “Draft
the representations and warranties for the attached purchase and
sale agreement. I need to send the agreement to opposing counsel
tomorrow evening.”
After four years of college, three years of law school, eight weeks
of the bar review course, two or three days of the bar exam, and tens
of thousands of dollars of debt, you feel like you have learned some-
thing about the law. But your heart is thumping a bit too heavily,
and your hands have just gone cold. You have no idea what rep-
resentations and warranties are, and you need to find out quickly.
Your first impulse is to write back, “Don’t ask me. Ask a lawyer.”
Who put you in this situation? Is it the fault of your law school?
Perhaps it is, but law schools are not well structured for providing
this kind of experience, and even if they were, that is not their pri-
mary function. Law school survey classes are large, and your real
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