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Date01 September 2014
Published date01 September 2014
Information for Contributors 553
ublic Administration Review (PAR) is dedicated
to advancing theory and practice in public
administration. PAR ser ves a wide range of
audiences around the world. PAR of‌f ers a lively forum
for dissemination and exchange of ideas about the
profession. We welcome contributions from scholars
and practitioners.
Perspective. Perspective is a forum for public admin-
istration and policy leaders to share their insights and
wisdom about important issues on the public admin-
istration agenda. Perspective seeks contributions from
leading public administration professionals, elected
and appointed public of‌f‌i cials from the United States
and abroad, and opinion leaders outside the public
sector. Perspective essays of 1,000 words or fewer
will of‌f er the author’s position about an important
issue or challenge confronting public decision mak-
ers. Authors’ views should be supported by evidence
grounded in authors’ knowledge, experience, and
insights. Essays may cover topics ranging from classic
issues of responsibility, representation, and execu-
tive leadership to more topical issues of collaborative
governance, e-government, and sustainability. We
welcome unsolicited submissions. Submissions should
be directed to Perspective and Commentary Editor
Daniel Feldman (
Articles. PAR welcomes manuscripts using diverse
theoretical and research frameworks about topics
across the domain of public administration. Articles
are expected to adhere to high-quality scientif‌i c
standards and promote knowledge and understand-
ing for professionals and practitioners interested in
theory, empirical research, and recent and emerging
developments in the f‌i eld. Research topics appropri-
ate for PAR encompass a broad domain, ranging
from theoretical and empirical research about public
organizations, policy analyses, evaluation research,
and normative theory that explores value questions
associated with public administration. Cross-national
and multicultural research is welcome. Authors
should submit manuscripts electronically to Editorial
Manager (
Further inquiries regarding submission of articles
should be addressed to Managing Editor Richard
Feiock (
Commentaries. PAR features commentaries by
professionals on selected articles.  e commentaries
are intended to advance PAR’s mission of support-
ing dialogue among practitioners and academicians.
e commentaries aim to add value by relating the
articles’ insights, f‌i ndings, and conclusions to the
experiences of practitioners.  ey should be focused
around a single theme or insight related to an article
so the theme can be developed in some depth within
a 1,000-word limit. If you are interested in being con-
sidered to write a commentary, send your expression
of interest, contact information, and a short bio to
Perspective and Commentary Editor Daniel Feldman
Public Administration and the Disciplines.
PAR values dialogue between public administration
scholars who identify themselves as interdisciplinary
and scholars from traditional disciplines.  e goal of
Public Administration (PA) and the Disciplines is to
acknowledge the partnership that exists between PA
and the disciplines, and to facilitate strong intellectual
exchanges across f‌i eld boundaries, in both direc-
tions, that will advance theory and practice in public
administration. Essays for PA and the Disciplines will
usually be written by scholars trained in a discipline
on how developments in a specif‌i c subf‌i eld of their
discipline could contribute to advancing knowledge
about public administration.  e articles for this series
are also intended to show how current scholarship in
public administration can advance knowledge in the
discipline. Articles are expected to ref‌l ect cutting-edge
developments in the disciplines, show why these devel-
opments are important for PA, and also show why pub-
lic administration scholars’ attention to the theory can
improve its validity. Proposals and submissions should
be sent to Public Administration and the Disciplines
Editor Rosemary O’Leary (
Information for Contributors

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