How to screen cases

AuthorScott M. Riemer/Jennifer L. Hess
Chapter 1
Before you can take on an LTD case, you must screen it carefully.
Careful screening not only will help you determine if this is a case you
want to take on, but it also will help you develop your best possible
strategy to win. In our practice, screening occurs in two steps: (1) the
intake process; and (2) the initial consultation. Below, you will learn
how to go through each step with ease.
e intake call is your prospective client’s rst interaction with you
and/or your rm. During intake, you or your sta will ask questions
to determine whether there may be a viable LTD claim. You want to
develop a system that will help you move through this process in a
systematic way.
e purpose of the intake call is to establish a connection with the
prospective client by letting him tell his story, but also to weed out callers
who may not have a viable LTD claim. You will receive many calls from
people who have only Social Security disability claims and/or workers
compensation claims. Unless you handle such claims, these callers need
to be referred out to other appropriate attorneys.
Use this checklist of four questions to identify possible long term
disability benet claims. If the prospective client answers “yes” to each
of them, he or she may have a viable disability claim:
Did your employer provide you with long term disability insurance?

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