Holds Fifty-First Annual Canadian fax Conference.

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The Fifty-First Annual Canadian Tax Conference was held at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa from May 8 to 10. The conference planning committee comprised Steve Perron of CGI Group, who is TEI's vice president for Canadian affairs; David Card of Enbridge, chair of the Canadian commodity tax committee; and Paul McGrath of Huawei Canada, chair of the Canadian income tax committee.

The three-day conference provided outstanding technical sessions. Perron and TEI International President Janice Lucchesi welcomed attendees on the first day of the conference, which featured panels with numerous government officials. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) speakers included Randy Hewlett, director of the International Division; Danielle Lafleche, director general of Excise & GST/HST Rulings; Sue Murray, director of the Competent Authority Services Division; and Catherine Letellier de St-Just, director general, CRA Appeals Branch. Department of Finance Canada speakers included Carlos Achadinha, legislative chief of the Sales Tax Division, Tax Policy Branch; Mark Walsh, chief of the Sales Tax Division, Tax Policy Branch; Ted Cook, director of the Tax Legislation Division; and Trevor McGowan, legislative chief, Tax Legislation Division. Jordan Goss, executive director of Consumer Taxation Programs at the British Columbia Ministry of Finance, also served on a panel.

At the opening of the conference on Monday, May 8, Perron presented TEI's Distinguished Service Award to Mickey Sarazin, former director general of the CRA's Income Tax Rulings...

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