H. List Of Working Group Meetings and Host Institutions

AuthorRebecca Purdom - Greg Brandes - Karen Westwood
Appendix H
List of Working Group Meetings and Host
The Working Group for Distance Learning in Legal Education was conceived at the noted Future Ed
Conference Series sponsored by the Harvard Center on the Legal Profession and New York Law School
and concluding in the spring of 2010. Harvard Law School hosted the convening meeting of the Working
Group in Fall 2011, and the group held two substantive meetings each year at host institutions around the
United States, as well as breakfast information session for three years at the annual meeting of the
American Association of Law Schools. A list of meetings and hosts appears below.
2010Harvard and New York Law School Future Ed Conference, New York Law School, New York,
NY. See https://clp.law.harvard.edu/clp-research/legal-education/
Fall 2011 - Convening Meeting at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
January 2012AALS breakfast, Washington D.C.
Spring 2012Dayton Law School, Dayton, OH
Fall 2012 Thomas Jefferson Law School, San Diego, CA
Spring 2013AALS breakfast, New Orleans, LA
Fall 2013North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC
Spring 2013 - Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
January 2014 - AALS breakfast, New York, NY
Spring 2014Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Fall 2014William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, MN
Spring 2015UC Hastings School of Law, San Francisco, CA

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