F. Sample Bilateral Course Sharing Agreement

AuthorRebecca Purdom - Greg Brandes - Karen Westwood
Appendix F
Sample Bilateral Course Sharing
School A
School B
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is entered into by and between School A, and School B.
School of Law, hereafter referred to as “School B”. School A and School B are referred to collectively as
“Parties” or individually as “Party.”
1. Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this MOU is to outline the relationship between the Parties. The Parties acknowledge the
advantages resulting from the sharing of online courses from each Party’s online LLM program. This
MOU outlines agreements between the Parties for the pilot or trial version of the course sharing program,
and is subject to revisions by cooperative efforts between the Parties after one academic year.
Whereas School B and School A are both ABA and NEASC accredited law schools providing high
quality legal education, and
Whereas both School B and School A have developed distance learning LLM programs to reach working
professionals who wish to advance their legal expertise and credentials, and
Whereas School A maintains a specialty in Space Law, and, in particular, a recognized expertise in
Extraterritorial Law and Management, and

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