Gun Violence and Gun Policy in the United States: Understanding American Exceptionalism

Published date01 November 2022
AuthorKerri M. Raissian,Jennifer Necci dineen,Cassandra Crifasi
Date01 November 2022
ANNALS, AAPSS, 704, November 2022 7
DOI: 10.1177/00027162231174162
Gun Violence
and Gun Policy
in the United
1174162ANN The annals of the american academyGun violence and gun policy in the U.S.
America has both the highest gun death rate (12 per
100,000 persons) and the highest gun circulation rate
(about 121 firearms in circulation for every 100 per-
sons) of any developed country. Taken together, these
statistics might lead one to assume that high gun death
rates in America are all but a certain outcome. However,
gun death rates vary substantially across America sug-
gesting that a range of solutions to reduce gun death
and injury exist. This transdisciplinary volume contains
a novel collection of articles that overview the evolution
of American gun policy, presents evidence on the effi-
cacy of both policy and non-policy interventions, and
provides insight on where we go from here given
American culture, norms, and legal structures.
Keywords: gun violence prevention; evidence; trans-
The U.S. has the highest gun death1 rate
(13.6 per 100,000 persons; Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] 2023)
of any developed country (Leach-Kemon and
Sirull 2022). We also have the highest gun
Kerri M. Raissian is an associate professor of public
policy in the School of Public Policy at the University of
Connecticut and director of UConn’s ARMS Center for
Gun Injury Prevention. Raissian’s interdisciplinary
research focuses on child and family policy with an
emphasis on understanding how policies affect family
Jennifer Necci Dineen is an associate professor in resi-
dence in the University of Connecticut School of Public
Policy and associate director of UConn’s ARMS Center
for Gun Injury Prevention. Dineen is a survey method-
ologist whose research focuses on understanding stake-
holder attitudes as mechanism for intervention uptake
and policy change.
Cassandra Crifasi is an associate professor of health
policy and management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg
School of Public Health and serves as the codirector of
the Center for Gun Violence Solutions. Crifasi’s
research focuses on gun violence and policy and atti-
tudes on gun violence solutions.

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