Green Energy Biofuel investing $4.3M in new recycling facility.

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Green Energy Biofuel is investing $4.3 million in a new recycling facility in Aiken County expected to create more than 40 jobs during the next five years.

Joe and Beth Renwick founded the Winnsboro-based alternative fuels company, which refines and recycles cooking oil from restaurants and food manufacturers, in 2008. The company now services more than 1,000 businesses across the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee.

"The sky's the limit with this new plant, and we are excited to bring a sustainable industry to the Aiken area," Joe Renwick, CEO, said in a news release.

Beth Renwick, a 51% owner of the company, told the Business Report about the purchase of the Aiken County facility for an article in September.

"We had one truck and one driver" in 2008, she said. "We've grown now to 26 employees in Winnsboro, and we have a second oil...

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