The American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law is pleased to
publish the Antitrust Counterattack in Intellectual Property Litigation
The Handbook is intended to serve as an introduction and practical
guide to the antitrust issues likely to arise in intellectual property
litigation. It summarizes intellectual property law for the antitrust
practitioner, and it provides detailed analyses of how antitrust
counterclaims and misuse defenses can affect intellectual property
litigation in both its prosecution and settlement. We hope that you will
find this Handbook to offer valuable guidance in this area, particularly in
light of recent developments in the law.
The Section of Antitrust Law is grateful to the dedication and
leadership of the Handbook editors, Fiona Schaeffer and Russ Wofford,
and their team of contributing authors, each of whom dedicated many
hours to the preparation of the Handbook, with the support of Mark S.
Popofsky, Arthur J. Burke, and Paul H. Saint-Antoine, successive Chair
and Co-Chairs of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Section of
Antitrust Law.
We hope that the Handbook will be helpful to those who practice in
this important and ever-changing field.
March 2010 Ilene Knable Gotts
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law
American Bar Association

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