Exposing Burdensome and Abusive Tactics

AuthorAshley S. Lipson
Exposing enemy misconduct
can be more potent than the dirtiest
of the enemy’s dirty tricks.
Chapter 16
Exposing Burdensome and
Abusive Tactics
§16.10 Abuse in General
§16.11 Ulterior Motives
§16.11(a) Blackmail
§16.11(b) Subterfuge
§16.11(c) Hostage Trade Off
§16.12 Interior Motives
§16.12(a) Aggressive Discovery
§16.12(b) Excessive Discovery
§16.20 Running for Cover
§16.21 Your Guiding Rules
§16.21(a) Step 1—Check for Certification-Rule Compliance
§16.21(b) Step 2—Apply for a Protective Order
§16.21(c) Step 3—Check Weapon-Specific Rules
§16.21(d) Step 4—Check Local Rules and Standing Orders
§16.22 Prepare Your Motion
§16.30 Abuse by the Discoveree
§16.31 Abusive Parties
§16.32 Abusive Non-Parties
§16.33 Abusive Responses in General
§16.40 Discovery-Based Mistrial

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