Defending Discovery's Limits

AuthorAshley S. Lipson
A man’s gotta know his limitations.
- Clint Eastwood from Magnum Force
Chapter 13
Defending Discovery’s Limits
§13.10 Threshold Defense Strategy
§13.20 The Scope of Discovery
§13.21 Discovery’s Outer Perimeters—Relevance Redefined
§13.22 Discovery’s Defined Limitations
§13.23 Boundary-Defense Checklist
§13.24 The “Overbroad” Defense
§13.30 Inability to Comply
§13.31 Non-Existence of Subject Matter
§13.32 Lack of Control
§13.33 Lack of Knowledge
§13.34 Incoherent Request
§13.40 Jurisdictional Challenges

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