Evolving Evolutionary Economics

Date01 September 2014
Published date01 September 2014
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Geof‌f rey M. Hodgson, From Pleasure Machines to
Moral Communities: An Evolutionary Economics
without Homo Economicus (Chicago: University
of Chicago Press, 2013). 305pp. $45.00 (cloth),
ISBN: 9780226922713; $36.00 (eBook), ISBN:
In From Pleasure Machines to Moral Communities:
An Evolutionary Economics without Homo
Economicus, Geof‌f rey M. Hodgson, writing from
the dual perspectives of institutional economics and
evolutionary economics, challenges the major pil-
lars on which mainstream economics has rested: an
atomistic society comprising rational and self-inter-
ested economic man/woman driven by a one-dimen-
sional utility-maximization criterion. He suggests,
in the preface to the book, that “economic man has
been given too heavy a burden to bear. He has expired
under its weight. May he rest in peace” (ix).
e book is presented in two sections, plus a f‌i nal
chapter that suggests a move away from policy
decisions based on narrow utilitarianism to deci-
sions based on a broader evolutionary and insti-
tutional approach.  e f‌i rst section of the book,
titled “Principles,” includes in-depth analysis of key
Evolving Evolutionary Economics
Sonia M. Ospina and Rogan Kersh, Editors
William Tankersley
University of West Florida
William B. Tankersley is associate
professor of public administration and
coordinator of public administration
programs, Department of Government,
and Department of Applied Science,
Technology and Administration at the
University of West Florida. His scholarly
works have appeared in such journals
as Journal of Public Administration
Research, Public Administration
Review, Administration & Society,
Psychological Reports, Israel Journal
of Psychiatry, Quality Management
Journal, Public Productivity and
Management Review, and Public
Administration Quarterly.
E-mail: wtankers@uwf.edu

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