Election code

AuthorElizabeth Berry/George Gallagher
§18:10 Governing Statutes
§18:20 Tactical Note: No Mental State
A. Introductory Provisions
1. Vote Required for Election to Off‌ice
§18:30 Coercion Against Candidacy Prohibited
B. Voter Qualif‌ications and Registration
1. Application for Registration; Initial Registration
§18:40 Unlawfully Acting as an Agent
§18:50 Purportedly Acting as Agent
§18:60 False Statement on Application
§18:70 High School Deputy Registrars
§18:80 Unlawful Delivery of Certif‌icate
2. General Administration of Registration
§18:90 Unlawful Use of Information of Suspense List
3. Procedures for Identifying Registered Voters
§18:100 Unlawful Use of Information on Registration List
§18:110 Unauthorized Use of Modif‌ied Computer Equipment
§18:120 Unlawful Use of Master File Information
C. Election Off‌icers and Observers
1. County Elections Administrator
§18:130 Restrictions on Political Activities
§18:140 Unlawfully Obstructing Watcher
D. Polling Places
§18:150 Consideration of Use of Public Building as Polling Place
E. Election Supplies
1. Election Supplies
§18:160 Failure to Distribute or Deliver Supplies
§18:170 Obstructing Distribution of Supplies
2. Ballot Form, Content, and Preparation
§18:180 Failure to Place Candidate’s Name on Ballot
§18:190 Unlawful Preparation of Ballots (Notice of Correction by Authority Responsible for
Preparing Ballot)
§18:200 Unlawful Preparation of Ballots (Notice of Correction by Certain Printers)
Texas Criminal Jury Charges 18-2
F. Conduct of Elections
1. Conduct of Voting, Generally
§18:210 Unlawful Presence
§18:220 Practice Note
§18:230 Electioneering and Loitering Near Polling Place Prohibited
§18:240 Unlawful Operation of Sound Amplif‌ication Device or Sound Track
§18:250 Failing to Prevent Unauthorized Person from Handling Ballot Box or Envelope
§18:260 Unlawfully Revealing Information Before Polls Close
§18:270 Unlawfully Inf‌luencing Voter
§18:280 Wearing Name Tag or Badge in Polling Place
2. Preliminary Arrangements
§18:290 Unauthorized Posting of Signs
3. Voting Procedures
§18:300 Unlawfully Accepting or Refusing to Accept Voter
§18:310 Unlawfully Permitting or Preventing Deposit of Ballot
§18:320 Unlawfully Depositing Ballot
§18:330 Illegal Voting
§18:340 Unlawful Assistance
§18:350 Case Law Note
4. Counting and Preparing Returns
§18:360 Failing to Provide Election Returns
5. Disposition of Records and Supplies After Elec tion
§18:370 Failure to Deliver Election Returns and Voted Ballots
§18:380 Practice Note
§18:390 Preservation of Precinct Election Records
§18:400 Delivery and Preservation of Key to Ballot Box No. 3
G. Early Voting
1. Application for Ballot
§18:410 Signing Application by Witness; Assisting Applicant
§18:420 Unlawfully Witnessing Application for More Than One Applicant
§18:430 Practice Note
§18:440 Providing False Information on Application
2. Conduct of Voting by Personal Appearance
§18:450 Electioneering Prohibited
3. Conduct of Voting by Mail
§18:460 Carrier Envelope Action by Person Other Than Voter
§18:470 Method of Returning Marked Ballot
H. Voting Systems
1. State Supervision Over Voting Systems
§18:480 Executing a Contract for an Unauthorized Voting System
2. Adoption and Acquisition of Voting System
§18:490 Executing a Contract for Unauthorized Voting System Equipment
I. Political Parties
1. Conventions
§18:500 Unlawfully Prohibiting Employee From Attending Political Convention
2. Regulating Participation
§18:510 Presentation of False Evidence of Party Aff‌iliation
§18:520 Unlawful Participation in Party Affairs
J. Regulating Political Funds and Campaigns
1. Restrictions On Contributions and Expenditures
§18:530 Contribution or Expenditure in Another’s Name
§18:540 Unlawful Direct Campaign Expenditure
§18:550 Unlawfully Making or Accepting Contribution
§18:560 Unlawfully Making Expenditure
18-3 Election Code
§18:570 Expenditure From Unlawful Contribution
§18:580 Contribution or Expenditure Without Campaign Treasurer
§18:590 Limitation on Contribution by Out-of-State Committee
§18:600 Cash Contributions Exceeding $100
§18:610 Restrictions on Contributions During and Following Regular Legislative Session
§18:620 Restrictions on Contributions to Legislative Caucuses During and Following Regular
Legislative Session
§18:630 Restrictions on Contributions or Expenditure by General-Purpose Committee
§18:640 Payments Made to Purchase Real Property
§18:650 Contributions in Certain Public Buildings
§18:660 Separate Accounts
§18:670 Restrictions on Certain Payments
§18:680 Restrictions on Reimbursement of Personal Funds and Payments on Certain Loans
§18:690 Contributions and Expenditures by Corporations or Unions
§18:700 Unlawful Contribution or Expenditure by Committee
§18:710 Coercion
§18:720 Corporate Loans
§18:730 Contribution to Political Party
K. Political Reporting
§18:740 Recordkeeping Required
§18:750 Time of Accepting Contribution
§18:760 Untimely or Incomplete Report
§18:770 Notice to Candidate and Off‌iceholder of Contributions and Expenditures
§18:780 Notice of Change in Committee Status
§18:790 Retention of Contributions
L. Regulating Political Advertising and Campaign Communications
§18:800 Rates for Political Advertising
§18:810 Unlawful Use of Public Funds for Political Advertising
§18:820 Misrepresentation of Identity
§18:830 Misleading Use of Off‌ice Title
§18:840 Notice Requirement on Political Advertising Signs
§18:850 Practice Note
M. Miscellaneous Provisions
1. Miscellaneous Offenses and Other Provisions
§18:860 Retaliation Against Voter
§18:870 Unlawful Removal From Ballot Box
§18:880 Unlawfully Prohibiting Employee From Voting
§18:890 Unlawful Buying and Selling of Balloting Materials
§18:900 Misrepresentation of Petition

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