Editor's Note

JurisdictionUnited States,Federal
Publication year2021
CitationVol. 72 No. 4

Editor's Note

Jameson M. Fisher

[Page 995]

Editor's Note

by Jameson M. Fisher*

The Mercer Law Review annually publishes the Eleventh Circuit Survey as the fourth book of each volume. With four being a number very special to me, this book means that much more. The Survey reviews a range of new, burgeoning, and noteworthy topics in the federal law covering the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, including its district courts in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

This year, the Law Review was tasked with an entirely new and independent executive board taking up the mantle in the middle of a global pandemic. Thanks to the hard work, adaptability, and grace of every member of the Law Review, as well as our outstanding authors, both new and returning, the Eleventh Circuit Survey is once again publishing. I am in awe of the skillful navigation by our team and authors through the difficult, and often unexpected, series of events we faced this year.

I would like to thank our Editor in Chief, Lauren James, for her continued work and leadership, and our Managing Editors, Caroline Walker, Breanna Vega, and Madison Gann, for their acumen, assistance, and commitment to form each article and student publication to their best. I would like to...

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