Editor's note.

Author:Westfall, Christopher

This issue marks several milestones for Financial Executive magazine and Financial Executives International. First, we're marking the 80th anniversary of the publication, which first appeared as The Controller in February of 1934. If you look back at the inaugural issue, you will notice many of the conundrums that financial executives dealt with during that period remain the same, including discovering the best business processes available, understanding new and complex regulations and growing a business during difficult economic times. Some things never change.

But although many of the themes Financial Executive magazine covers remain consistent, the way we communicate those issues has morphed completely. Print journalism has evolved to online journalism, which itself has moved away from desktops and laptops to mobile devices. Our mandate is to serve Financial Executive readers, and to do that effectively, we not only need to be where the readers are, but where they will be.

Which brings us to the next milestone for Financial Executive--the launch of FEI Daily The new site--found at dailyfinancialexecutiues.org--is refreshed each morning and kept up-to-date throughout the day with analysis from FEI staff and contributors. In addition, a new daily email newsletter has been developed to deliver timely analysis and information directly to your inbox.

Both FEI Daily and the email newsletter...

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