Editor's introduction and departing message

Published date01 March 2020
AuthorSusan S. Raines
Date01 March 2020
Editors introduction and departing message
As my role of Editor-in-Chief of Conflict Resolution Quarterly comes to an end, I wish to convey
my deep appreciation to those who have made the journal a leader in the fields of Conflict and
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for more than four decades. First, the Association for
Conflict Resolution (acrenet.org) created, funded, and promoted the journal from its inception
as an important mechanism for the development of new knowledge of the theory and practice
of conflict and dispute resolution across a broad array of practice areas. Through their support,
ACR members and leaders helped to establish these as new and rigorous arenas for academic
and practical empirical research. Thank you. Likewise, previous editors (Michael Lang and
Tricia Jones) worked tirelessly to build a cadre of expert reviewers, grow CRQs subscribers and
readers, and to ensure the highest level of ethical and equitable standards for publication in the
industry. Thank you. CRQs amazing Editorial Board has steadfastly offered advice, reviewed
manuscripts, promoted submissions, and shaped the journals content and impact in a myriad
of ways. Thank you. Lastly, John Wiley & Sons has published the journal for four decades, rid-
ing the waves of change experienced by the print and online publishing sectors. It is my sincere
hope that CRQ will be making a positive impact on the important work of Conflict Resolution
experts worldwide for at decades to come.
As I prepare to hand off the management of the journal to the next generation of academic
and publishing leaders, I hope that my efforts to support new, diverse, and impactful voices in
this publishing space leaves a lasting legacy on the journal, its readers, and the fields it serves.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the journals success over my eleven years as
Editorespecially you, the readers!
Happy Reading!
Susan S. Raines, PhD.
Email: sraines@kennesaw.edu
DOI: 10.1002/crq.21276
Conflict Resolution Quarterly. 2020;37:193. wileyonlinelibrary.com/journal/crq © 2020 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. 193

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