Double Jeopardy

AuthorMark G. Daniel/Robert K. Gill
Chapter 8
Table of Contents
§8:10 Basic Double Jeopardy Principles
§8:11 Constitutional and Statutory Provisions
§8:12 Basic Double Jeopardy Protections
§8:13 Blockburger Test
§8:14 Legislative Intent Test
§8:15 Allowable Units of Prosecution Analysis
§8:16 Dual-Sovereignty
§8:20 Previous Jeopardy and Subsequent Prosecutions
§8:21 When Jeopardy Attaches
§8:22 When Jeopardy Does Not Attach
§8:23 Previous Convictions and Subsequent Prosecutions
§8:24 Greater Inclusive and Lesser Included Offenses
§8:25 Previous Acquittals and Subsequent Prosecutions
§8:30 Multiple Punishments
§8:31 Multiple Punishments in Single Trial
§8:32 Multiple Punishments in Successive Trials
§8:40 Retrials and Double Jeopardy Clause
§8:41 Retrials After Mistrials
§8:42 Manifest Necessity
§8:43 Retrials Following Appeals
§8:50 Raising Double Jeopardy Claims
§8:51 Habeas Corpus Writs
T C L’ H 8-2
§8:52 Special Pleas
§8:53 On Appeal
§8:60 Remedy for Double Jeopardy Violations
§8:70 Double Jeopardy and Sentencing Proceedings
§8:80 Administrative Hearings and Double Jeopardy
§8:81 Administrative License Revocation Proceedings
§8:82 Probation Revocation Proceedings
§8:83 Parole Revocation Proceedings
§8:84 Jail Disciplinary Proceedings
§8:90 Prosecutions by Separate Sovereigns
§8:100 Civil Penalties and Double Jeopardy
§8:110 Double Jeopardy and Contempt Proceedings
§8:115 Double Jeopardy and Protective Orders
§8:120 Basic Collateral Estoppel Principles
§8:130 Collateral Estoppel in Punishment Proceedings
§8:140 Collateral Estoppel and Probation Revocation Proceedings
§8:150 Raising Collateral Estoppel Claims

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