Bail and Bond Issues

AuthorMark G. Daniel/Robert K. Gill
Chapter 9
Table of Contents
§9:10 Right to Bail
§9:11 Statutory and Constitutional Law
§9:12 In General
§9:13 Form: Sample Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus
§9:20 Defendant’s Burden to Object to Improper Bond Conditions
§9:30 Fixing Amount of Bail
§9:31 Existence of Outstanding Bonds
§9:32 Conformity With Previous Bonds
§9:33 Defendant’s Criminal Record
§9:34 Circumstances of Offense
§9:35 Ability to Make Existing Bond Amount
§9:36 Future Safety of Victim
§9:37 Threats and Actions of Defendant
§9:38 Cases on Pretrial Bond Amounts
§9:40 Specific Bond Conditions
§9:41 Statutorily Authorized Bond Conditions
§9:41.1 Ignition Interlock Devices
§9:41.2 Conditions Related to Victim or Community Safety
§9:41.3 Conditions Where Child Is Alleged Victim
§9:41.4 Home Curfew and Electronic Monitoring
§9:41.5 Drug Testing
§9:41.6 Conditions Requiring AIDS and HIV Instruction
§9:41.7 Conditions for Defendant Charged With Stalking
§9:41.8 Submission of DNA Specimen
§9:41.9 Conditions in Family Violence Cases
§9:42 Pretrial Bond Conditions (Upheld)
§9:43 Pretrial Bond Conditions (Not Upheld)
§9:44 Forms and Motions
T C L’ H 9-2
§9:50 Increasing Bond Amounts
§9:60 Denial of Bond
§9:70 Revocation of Bond
§9:80 Personal Bonds
§9:90 Release of Certain Mentally Ill Defendants
§9:100 Regulation of Bail Bond Sureties
§9:110 Release of Defendant Because of Delay
§9:111 In General
§9:112 Application of Time Limit
§9:113 Readiness of State
§9:114 Amount of Bond Set
§9:115 Burden of Party Seeking Relief
§9:120 Bond in Family Violence Cases
§9:130 Appeal Bonds
§9:131 Applicable Statutes
§9:132 Granting of Bail During Appeal
§9:133 Conditions of Appeal Bond
§9:134 Appeal Bond Conditions (Upheld)
§9:135 Appeal Bond Conditions (Not Upheld)
§9:136 Denial of Bail on Appeal
§9:137 Revocation of Appeal Bond
§9:138 Bail When Case Reversed
§9:140 Constitutional Provisions
§9:141 Denial of Bail in Capital Cases
§9:142 Denial of Bail in Other Cases
§9:143 Form: Sample Motion to Deny Bail
§9:150 Bond for Post-Trial Habeas Corpus Applicants
§9:151 Statutory Law

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