Doing Criminology and Criminal Justice in Ireland: Perspectives From a Peripheral Nation

Published date01 February 2023
Date01 February 2023
Subject MatterEditorial
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
2023, Vol. 39(1) 4 –16
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DOI: 10.1177/10439862221138668
Doing Criminology and
Criminal Justice in Ireland:
Perspectives From a
Peripheral Nation
Ian D. Marder1 and Claire Hamilton1
This special issue invites authors engaged in cutting-edge research on crime and criminal
justice in the Republic of Ireland to demonstrate Ireland’s global significance in these
fields. Irish criminology is a burgeoning, diverse and outward-looking discipline, with
a rising number of scholars making novel contributions to international debates on
the theoretical and empirical study of crime and criminal justice. Its relatively unique
position as both a Western European democracy and a post-colonial territory means
that Ireland is of equal significance to the Global North and Global South. Moreover,
this growth in local scholarship coincides with changes to criminal justice that should
be of interest to advocates and analysts around the world. With articles on gendered
historical abuses, public attitudes to policing, countering violent extremism, penal
decision-making, penal politics, youth justice and organised crime, the issue brings
this research to a global audience.
criminology, criminal justice, Ireland, Hibernian exceptionalism, penality, colonialism,
terrorism and political violence, postcolonial
Criminology and Criminal Justice in Ireland:
Why They Matter for the World
At a recent event on the reunification of Ireland, Liam Neeson opened the proceedings
thus: “Long before anyone can remember, there was a small island on the edge of the
1Maynooth University, Ireland
Corresponding Author:
Ian D. Marder, School of Law and Criminology, New House, Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co.
Kildare, Ireland.
1138668CCJXXX10.1177/10439862221138668Journal of Contemporary Criminal JusticeMarder and Hamilton

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