The Editorial Board of the South Dakota Law Review is honored to dedicate Volume 61 to Professor Emeritus Roger Baron, who retired in the spring of 2015 after twenty-five years of teaching at the University of South Dakota School of Law. Professor Baron was well-known by students both inside and outside of class. While he may have had a reputation as a rigorous instructor--strict adherence to schedule, no off-topic questions, and standing recitations--Professor Baron always put law students first.

Professor Baron attended the University of Missouri at Columbia as both an undergraduate and for law school. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in 1973, and graduated Order of the Coif with a Juris Doctor in 1976. After law school, he practiced for eight years before beginning his teaching career at the South Texas College of Law in 1985.

Professor Baron joined the University of South Dakota School of Law in 1990, and taught Civil Procedure, Family Law, and Insurance. As the professor for the longest mandatory first-year course, every USD law student knew Professor Baron very well. Insurance and family law--both elective courses--consistently received high enrollment. Before every class, he would play videos of various television shows, such as Glee, The Voice, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He also strived to get to know law students outside of class, inviting students to dinner at various Vermillion establishments, followed by a weekly showing of the Newsroom at the law school.

Professor Baron received the John Wesley Jackson Outstanding Faculty Award in 1995, 2008, and 2012. He has authored numerous law review articles, which have been cited with approval by state supreme courts and appellate courts in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Texas, Utah,

Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, as well as federal district courts in Nebraska, Illinois, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. He also published a book titled Cases and Materials on Family Law for the South Dakota Lawyer, which is used by law students and South Dakota Lawyers alike.

Professor Baron will have a lasting impact on law students, the law school, and South Dakota lawyers. It is an honor to dedicate Volume 61 to Professor Baron for all he has given the state of South Dakota.

RONALD J. BARON ([dagger])

I am humbled, and grateful, that the University of South Dakota Law Review has given me this opportunity to honor my brother and colleague, Professor Roger Baron. Roger has always been highly motivated and energetic, leading to his completion of an undergraduate degree in mathematics in less than four years at the University of Missouri. In fact, he overlapped his first year of law school (also at Mizzou) with his final year of a "normal" four year undergraduate program. Moreover, he graduated in the top ten percent of his law school class, earning him entrance into the Order of the Coif.

Roger has always had a passion for doing the right thing and a basic intolerance for unfairness. This strong personality trait, in combination with his drive and attention to detail, renders him an excellent advocate and legal educator. Even though we have not had the opportunity to live in the same community since our college years, I've watched him champion his quest for fairness and rectitude in the...

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