Dahmer's attorney's law license suspended indefinitely (UPDATE).

Byline: Associated Press

In a rarestep, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has indefinitely suspended the law license of a Mequon attorney, finding that he is medically incapable to defend himself in a pending lawyer-discipline proceeding.

The court's decision on Friday puts on hold disciplinary proceedings that began in 2017, whentheOffice of Lawyer Regulation charged Gerald Boyle, a solo-practitioner known for defending the convicted serial Jeffrey Dahmer, with six counts of misconductconnected with his representation of two clients who were defendants in criminal cases in Kenosha and Brown counties.

In its original complaint, the OLR had asked that the Wisconsin Supreme Court suspend Boyle's license for 60 days and order him to either provide proof that he has submitted a fee dispute to arbitration through the State Bar or inform the OLR that he and the client had reached a final settlement over the fee dispute.

Boyle, represented by Anthony Cotton and Donna Kuchler of Waukesha-based Kuchler & Cotton, filed an answer denying most of the OLR's allegations and asking that the complaint be dismissed.

However, the case was sealed earlier this year after Boyle made filings in February declaring that he had a medical condition that made it impossible to defend himself throughout the disciplinary proceeding. According to the court's decision, Boyle's medical condition required an extended stay in the hospital, and doctors deemed him incapable of working as a lawyer.

In July, Boyle and the OLR filed a stipulation in which they agreed that Boyle had substantial medical troubles that made defending himself in the lawyer-discipline case impossible.

Later that month, the referee in the case, Jonathan Goodman, relying on the stipulation and medical records that Boyle submitted, filed a report recommending that the high court find that Boyle has a medical condition that makes his defense in...

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