Common ground.

AuthorCorcoran, Timothy B.

As I write this column, our annual conference quickly approaches. For those who have the good fortune to attend, it's a busy time of educational programming and networking with legal marketing colleagues both old and new. There is something for everyone, and the depth and breadth of content will challenge even the most experienced among us. I'd like to share two ideas that will form a large part of my focus this year as your leader. While we're investing significant time and energy in these initiatives today--we'll undoubtedly begin to reap the benefits shortly--the true and lasting benefits will accrue to the organization in the years to come.

During my travels to chapter, regional and online events, in addition to reading various LMA member blogs and articles, I continue to be amazed at the richness and diversity of thought leadership we possess as a profession. However, not all members have equal access to this thought leadership. It's logistically challenging for a heralded speaker to visit all chapters and city groups, and LMA has such a wide array of member segments and specialties that not all topics can possibly receive equal coverage. But, somewhere within our ranks, someone is discussing an idea that could transform our lives and improve our productivity, if only we knew of it.

Member education is one of our top missions, so this year, we will add a full-time education director whose mission is to help crystallize the key educational priorities for our various members by identifying great content and ideas wherever they are found and broadening the reach of good programming by using multiple delivery formats. This could mean that a fantastic session delivered at a regional conference might be available...

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