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Development Issues in the Major Shale Plays
(Dec 2010)


Kathryn Z. Klaber
Marcellus Shale Coalition
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

KATHRYN KLABER serves as the Marcellus Shale Coalition's first President and Executive Director. In this role, on behalf of the MSC member companies, she works closely with elected leaders, regulators and the civic community to realize the responsible development of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale geological formation and the enhancement of Pennsylvania's economy that can be realized by this clean-burning energy source. Prior to joining the MSC, Katie served as Executive Vice President for Competitiveness at the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and as the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Economy League. A lifelong Pennsylvanian, she earned her undergraduate degree in environmental science from Bucknell University and her Masters in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University. At the Allegheny Conference, Ms. Klaber played a leading role in the gains made by a coalition of organizations and employers to improve tax competitiveness and the business climate in Pennsylvania. She also advanced initiatives around air and water quality, working proactively on behalf of a growing economy and an improving environment. In these roles, she worked with businesses and organizations across the Commonwealth to address the most uncompetitive aspects of Pennsylvania's economy and improve the regulatory climate for fostering economic growth. Ms. Klaber regularly testified before legislative committees, and advises stakeholders on timely public policy issues. Beginning in early 2008, she led the Allegheny Conference's efforts to help the region and state realize the full benefits of the Marcellus Shale development, including creation of an economic impact assessment of the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania and the design of the Energy Alliance of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Through the 1990s, Kathryn Klaber worked for the international environmental, health and safety consulting firm, Environmental Resources Management, Inc. (ERM), first at the company's headquarters in Philadelphia, then in her native Pittsburgh. Her client work consisted primarily of mergers and acquisitions, environmental management systems, air and water quality projects, and other facilities' engineering engagements. She supervised multinational projects, primarily for Fortune 1000 companies, involving staff from across the company's 130 offices. In southwestern Pennsylvania, she worked with regional companies on air quality compliance, Brownfields redevelopment, accidental release preparedness, and a myriad of other environmental initiatives. During her last...

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