JurisdictionUnited States
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview Of Major Shale Gas Plays
Chapter 2 Natural Gas, Range Resources, And The Marcellus Shale
Chapter 3 Fractured Fairy Tales: The Context And Regulatory Constraints For Hydraulic Fracturing
Chapter 4 Water And Wastewater Issues In Conducting Operations In A Shale Play: The Appalachian Basin Experience
Chapter 5 Rising To The Challenges In The Marcellus
Chapter 6 Environmental Regulatory Challenges: Air Quality Issues In Unconventional Oil &Amp; Gas Plays
Chapter 7 Trespass Issues In A Shale Play
Chapter 8A Pooling For Horizontal Wells: Can They Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?
Chapter 8B To Drill Or Not To Drill... And What Happens In The Meantime?
Chapter 8C The Pennsylvania Statutory Oil &Amp; Gas Conservation Experience
Chapter 8D Major Shale Plays Ohio: Sb165 Updates The Ohio Oil And Gas Regulatory Program
Chapter 8E Overview Of Agencies Regulating Oil &Amp; Gas Development In West Virginia
Chapter 9 Ethics In Leasing In The Marcellus Shale
Chapter 10 Leasing And Development In The Marcellus Shale Region: Avoiding The Pitfalls
Chapter 11 Lease

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