Can Democracy Survive Democracy?

Published date01 July 2014
Date01 July 2014
532 Public Administration Review • July | August 2014
The current state of civility and democracy in
the United States of America makes analyz-
ing and assessing its nature a challenging
enterprise.  e experience of democracy around the
globe provides daily reminder that this experiment
Cornell W. Clayton and Richard Elgar, eds., Civility
and Democracy in America: A Reasonable Un-
derstanding (Pullman: Washington State Univer-
sity Press, 2012). 167 pp. $29.95 (paper), ISBN:
Can Democracy Survive Democracy?
Sonia M. Ospina and Rogan Kersh, Editors
David M. Elcott
New York University
David M. Elcott is Henry and Marilyn
Taub Professor of Practice in Public Service
and Leadership at New York University and
associate faculty at the Research Center for
Leadership and Action. His current research
projects are “Religious Leadership, Civil
Discourse and Democracy in the Public
Square: Advancing the Positive Role of
Faith Leaders in America,” funded by a Ford
Foundation Freedom of Expression Grant,
and “Baby Boomers, Minority Communities
and Public Service.”

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