A Call for Understanding Diversity and Policing

Published date01 January 2014
AuthorShannon Portillo
Date01 January 2014
128 Public Administration Review • January | February 2014
Shannon Portillo takes an
interdisciplinary approach to her work,
drawing from organizational theories
rooted in public administration and law and
society to explore how rules and policies
are implemented within public organiza-
tions. Her teaching and research interests
include social justice, social equity, organi-
zational theory, and legal mobilization.
Her research has appeared in Law and
Policy, Administration & Society, Law
and Social Inquiry, Journal of Public
Administration Research and Theory,
and Public Administration Review.
E-mail: sportillo@ku.edu
Sonia M. Ospina and Rogan Kersh, Editors
Shannon Portillo
University of Kansas
Roddrick A. Colvin, Gay and Lesbian Cops: Diver-
sity and Ef‌f ective Policing (Boulder, CO: Lynne
Rienner, 2012). 213 pp. $55.00 (cloth), ISBN:
9781588268372. Much of the limited research on sexual ori-
entation in public administration consid-
ers discrimination and compliance with
antidiscrimination laws (for a review, see Oldf‌i eld,
A Call for Understanding Diversity and Policing

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