Broadband's Reach.


Pacific Coast and Northeastern states--where incomes tend to be higher than the national average--outpace the rest of the country in percentage of households with broadband subscriptions, according to the new U.S. Census Bureau report "Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2015." Colorado and Utah also have higher than average percentages of broadband subscriptions.

Households with incomes greater than $150,000 have the highest broadband connectivity, but income isn't the only factor in broadband use. "Some places don't fit the pattern because demographic and social differences also come into play," Camille Ryan, a Census Bureau demographer, says. "The District of Columbia, for example, has high household income, while the household income in Idaho is below the national average. Yet for both places, the broadband subscription rate is not statistically different from the national average."

About 80 percent of Asians have a desktop or laptop computer, handheld device and broadband...

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