Breaking through public relations.

Position:CONFERENCE RECAP - Conference notes

Public relations for law firms is more complex than ever before. The media industry continues to evolve: More law firms are focusing their business development efforts by engaging in content marketing, video and social media to distribute information and promote their attorneys and services. The Breakthroughs in Public Relations (PR), Content and Communications pre-conference program, hosted by PR SIG co-chairs Cheryl Bame and Ryan King, at the 2017 LMA Annual Conference in Las Vegas addressed all of these issues and more, as we examined the challenges legal PR practitioners face in today's business climate.

The event was supported with insights from senior practitioners from around the United States, both in large and small firms. It was an impressive feat to cover all of the different facets of our roles. Here are some of the key takeaways from speakers.

"We had issues with click-through, so we overcame that by dropping a WordPress site on a confidential server in order to distribute the content internally. The consistent look and feel gave the user/reader a positive perception. We knew the links that were being clicked, what was driving traffic, etc."

Lawrence Martinez, Director of Communications, Manatt, on building an audience for the firm's internal...

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