Published date01 March 2020
Date01 March 2020
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/tmp/tmp-18sAR5rBwWB2iG/input 898052PRQXXX10.1177/1065912919898052Political Research QuarterlyAnnouncements
Information for Readers
Political Research Quarterly
2020, Vol. 73(1) 237 –238
© 2019 University of Utah
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DOI: 10.1177/1065912919898052
Western Political Science
LeSure, Occidental College; Mark Ramirez, Arizona
Association (WPSA)
State University; and Laura Evans, University of
Washington. Their terms begin immediately prior to the
Annual Meeting Moves Forward in Los Angeles
April 2020 meeting. The terms of the following
The 2020 meeting of the WPSA will be held at the JW
Executive Council members will conclude immediately
Marriott at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California, from
prior to the Los Angeles meeting: Janni Aragon,
April 9 to 11, 2020. The theme for this year’s conference
University of Victoria, Canada; Mark Brown, California
is “The Boundaries of Belonging.” Program Chair Jessica
State University, Sacramento; Steven James Johnston,
Lavariega Monforti and the Program Section Chairs have
University of Utah; and Valerie O’Regan, California
assembled a broad and inclusive program. In addition to
State University, Fullerton. The Association thanks
the regular panels, there are seven conferences taking
them for their valuable service.
place within our conference:
No Viaduct! Planning Begins for 2021 Seattle
Environmental Governance
Asian Pacific American Politics
African Politics
The Program Committee for the 2021 WPSA Annual
Southeast Asian Politics and The Boundaries of
Meeting is now being formed by the incoming Program
Chair, Ricardo Ramirez, University of Notre Dame. A
Community College—Strengthening Communities of
listing of the 2021 Program Committee will appear by
June on the WPSA website. The meeting will be held at
Undemocratic Politics
the beautiful new Hyatt...

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