Amendment Judgment and Postconviction Motion Denied.


Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Court of Appeals District I

Case Name: State of Wisconsin v. Justin Robert White

Case No.: 2018AP154-CR

Officials: Kessler, P.J., Brennan and Dugan, JJ.

Focus: Amendment Judgment and Postconviction Motion Denied

Justin Robert White appeals an amended judgment of conviction entered on February 3, 2017. He also appeals a circuit court order entered January 2, 2018, denying postconviction relief. He claims that certain language in the amended judgment of conviction must be removed because the language was derived from a statute that does not apply to him, does not reflect the sentencing court's order, and was inserted by the clerk of circuit court acting without a judicial directive. For the reasons that follow, we are persuaded that the language must be removed. Accordingly, we reverse the amended judgment...

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