AuthorJoseph J. Fittante, Jr. - Ronald K. Gardner, Jr.
Fundamentals of Franchising represents significant effort by many talented law-
yers, including the authors who prepared the manuscripts included in this book,
and the other contributors who have assisted in updating the Fundamentals ma-
terials since they first appeared in 1987. These include:
Chapter 1
Authors: Christopher P. Bussert and Linda K. Stevens
Contributors: Lawrence R. Hefter, Mark H. Miller, Louis T. Pirkey and William
A. Finkelstein
Chapter 2
Authors: Max J. Schott II and Dennis E. Wieczorek
Contributors: John R. F. Baer, Charles S. Modell, Lewis C. Rudnick, Stuart
Hershman and Andrew A. Caffey
Chapter 3
Authors: David W. Oppenheim and Rebekah Prince
Contributors: Gayle Cannon, Ann Hurwitz, Carol McErlean, Ronald P. Roman,
Judith M. Bailey and Dennis E. Wieczorek
Chapter 4
Authors: Joseph J. Fittante, Jr. and Suzanne Trigg
Contributors: Sawan Patel, Kenneth R. Darrow, Anne Hurwitz, Rochelle B.
Spandorf and Mark B. Forseth
Chapter 5
Authors: Kerry L. Bundy and Robert M. Einhorn
Contributors: M. Christine Carty, Thomas M. Pitegoff and W. Michael Garner
Chapter 6
Authors: Kay Lynn Brumbaugh and Michael K. Lindsey
Contributors: Arthur I. Cantor, Michael J. Lockerby, Michael M. Eaton, Alan M.
Maclin, Robert T. Joseph and Lee N. Abrams
Chapter 7
Authors: Mark A. Kirsch and John H. Pratt

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