AuthorDeb Coldwell
Fundamentals of Franchising remains one of the most valuable books in the
Forum on Franchising’s library of excellent books. Since the publication of the
first edition in 1997, Fundamentals has provided guidance to many lawyers
new to the practice of franchise law but continues to serve as a resource for
more seasoned franchise practitioners as well.
No one mentions this book without invoking the names of Rupert Barkoff
and Andy Selden. They were the editors of the first edition and have served as
co-editors with Ron Gardner and Joe Fittante on this current edition. We thank
Ron and Joe, who will carry on Rupert and Andy’s excellent work for future
editions. But our appreciation must clearly go to Rupert and Andy for sharing
their wisdom, insight, and scholarship with us from the first edition through the
We also recognize the dedicated efforts of the chapter authors: Chapter 1—
Trademark Fundamentals for the Franchise Lawyer by Christopher P. Bussert
and Linda K. Stevens; Chapter 2—Structuring the Franchise Relationship by
Dennis E. Wieczorek [RIP] and Max Schott III; Chapter 3—Franchise Disclo-
sure Issues by David W. Oppenheim and Rebekah Prince; Chapter 4—Registra-
tion by Joseph J. Fittante, Jr. and Suzanne Trigg; Chapter 5—Relationship Laws
by Kerry Bundy and Robert Einhorn; Chapter 6—Anti-Trust Laws by Kay Lynn
Brumbaugh and Michael K. Lindsey; Chapter 7—International Franchising by
Mark A. Kirsch and John H. Pratt; and Chapter 8—Representing Franchisees by
Ronald K. Gardner, Jr. and Julianne Lusthaus.
Jim Goniea and Karen Satterlee, as the publications officers for the Forum
during the development of this book, have done their customary great job in
bringing this edition to print. A thanks also goes to Teri Koller, the liaison from
the publications committee, who oversaw the development of this book from
start to finish.
On behalf of the Forum, I express my gratitude to all of you who have been
involved in updating this essential and vital resource for the Forum.
Deb Coldwell
Chair, Forum on Franchising

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