Abuse of Discretion Evidentiary Hearing.

AuthorHawkins, Derek
PositionState of Wisconsin v. Willie G. Allison

Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Court of Appeals District III

Case Name: State of Wisconsin v. Willie G. Allison

Case No.: 2020AP1519-CR

Officials: Stark, P.J., Hruz and Reilly, JJ.

Focus: Abuse of Discretion Evidentiary Hearing

Willie Allison appeals a judgment, entered upon a jury's verdicts, convicting him of three counts of human trafficking, as a repeater; one count of second-degree reckless injury, as a repeater; two counts of delivering three grams or less of heroin, as a second or subsequent offense, with one count as a party to a crime; and one count of maintaining a drug trafficking place, as a second or subsequent offense. Allison also appeals the order denying his postconviction motion, which sought a new trial or, in the alternative, resentencing.

Allison argues that the State engaged in prosecutorial misconduct related to the cross-examination of a witness; the circuit court erroneously exercised its discretion by limiting cross-examination of the same witness; the evidence was insufficient to...

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