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AuthorMargaret 'Peggy' Strand/Lowell Rothschild
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Federal wetla nds law is very simple and very complex for the same reason—t here is no federal wetlands
statute. Rather, there are robust provisions under the Clean Water Act (CWA) and other laws that provide
protection in va rious ways to many wet lands. Part I of this primer focuses primarily on the CWA §404
program, which is the primary source of federal regulatory authority over wetlands. Part II addresses other
federal laws that concern wetlands, including additional provisions of the CWA, some of the programs
administered by other federal agencies, and the wetlands programs applicable on agricultural lands.
Federal wetla nds law has also been in ux since the 1970s. e multiple statutes and regulations that
address this important topic are subject to further interpretation in government documents and court deci-
sions. At the same time t hat this makes wetlands law a cha llenging legal practice, it creates dicu lties for
regulated parties, regu lators, and all persons interested in wetlands. We hope that this Deskbook can help.
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Wetlands Deskbook

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